Thursday, 24 April 2014

Farmers burn coffins in protest at alleged land seizure

 24 April 2014

"One coffin represented the local Light Infantry Battalion, one represented those occupying and working the land and the one
representedthe Farmland Investigation Commission," he said.
Ko Thant Zin said the farmers are claiming that about 1,160 acres was seized by the military in 2001 and was being used as fishponds
by a businessman under the name of the No. 3 Wholesale Co-operative.
He said the farmers had resorted to the symbolic protest out of frustration that their complaints to the Farmland Investigation
Commission over the alleged land grab had failed to resolve the dispute.
The Farmland Investigation Commission reported 745 cases of 'land grabbing' to parliament and they have been referred to the Land
Use Management Committee for adjudication.
Some media sources have reported that more than 6,000 land grab complaints were submitted to the commission.

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